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Welcome To Strog Smart Facility Security Services

We have established our reliable business network in Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Chennai and our services provide all over india..

Our MARKETING research & security professionals are prepared to face the challenges at any moment at any industry or sector. We assure you of value-added services for your specific requirement and provide best service, best quality and best prices for our client security solution in an efficient way.

We have been successfully providing golden services for many brand clients and we intend to provide the high-quality service to many more. No matter how difficult the challenges are STROG SMART FACILITY SECURITY  always looks forward to provide customized service for your needs.

We provide smartly uniformed,sutably trained and well equipped guards who provied assistance for security and safety of assets, personnel and property to vide spectrum of customers in bussiness and industry.

Strog Smart Facility Advantage

We have a well-knit team of experienced and professionally-trained staff consisting of Ex-service Officers, JCO'S, NCO'S and other dynamic young personnel backed by years of rich experience in the field of Security.
  • We also provide various other categories of unskilled manpower e.g. Housekeeping staff/operators, Helpers, Gardeners, Office Assistants etc.
  • On specific request and small additional fees we provide special metal detectors for frisking of employees. This creates psychological impact among the workers and helps control theft/pilferage.

Our Staff

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    Mr. J. P. Shukla (Ex-Army)

    Legal Adviser And Marketing Head


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    Mr. Raju yadav

    Marketing Manager.


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    Mr. Kushal Mishra

    Area Officer And Marketing.


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    Mr. T. J. Kuttan pille

    Marketing Head Mannager


About Company

Our Top management consists of professionals,    Mr. Rakesh Bipin Sharma.  Mr. Rakesh guides us in understanding and meetign the specific security and allied service needs of our customers. Functioning as promotor and director of the compony, he has worked from grass root- level in

Bouncers Service

Nightlife is something very common everywhere in such situations security is quite important in those areas. One can find diverse crowd in pubs and night clubs and anything can occur there, so if you are a person who goes often to party there or you are the owner of the club you will require.

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    Shop No.09, Plot No. A-7, Sector-2, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706. Country : india